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Smart POS is the world`s favorite Retail, Salon, and restaurant POS Software. The easiest-to-use point-of-sale software to increase your sales and better manage your business.
Proper management of entries and exits from your cash register is one of the top priorities for a business manager.

In this age of digitalization, it seems essential that merchants consider equipping themselves with the latest technological innovations at their disposal to manage their cash registers. Indeed, this equipment now constitutes an asset for developing your activity and moving towards more serenity in the commercial management of your company.

Among the new developments of recent years, point-of-sale software has become an integral tool in managing a business and activating performance.

What is point-of-sale software?

Point of Sale Software, or cash register software, is collection management software.

Easy to use, intuitive, and configurable, it is a complete management solution. Integrated into a point-of-sale terminal, such as a cash drawer, computer, or payment terminal, it advantageously replaces a standard cash register.

It can take the form of an application, which, in this case, is installed on a tablet or smartphone. The Genius solution is a perfect example:

Its added value compared to a traditional cash register is the fact that it allows many aspects of the commercial activity of a point of sale to be managed:

It simplifies collections (the production of receipts) and is essential for boosting performance
It facilitates inventory management (labels, prices, barcodes, and supplies). It simplifies customer order-taking. All useful data is computerized and exportable. The organization of commerce and cash management are simplified daily.

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